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About Us

We are a Hong Kong based company that specializes in providing food packaging solutions to the catering industry and have been in this business for many years and have a wealth of experience and knowledge of the needs of both small and large businesses.


We aim to provide high quality products and a reliable service for our customers. To help us achieve this, we are constantly researching the marketplace for new and innovative products that will benefit our customers. So, whatever the size of your business, we will be able to find a solution to your catering needs.

Our company is a partnership with several food packing and food safety giants such as ENTERPACK, HYGIENA etc.

ENTERPACK is an automatic food sealing machine that can make your life easier by providing a very convenient packing solution. The machine is suitable in packing food such as take-away, lunch box, fruit, vegetable, meat etc. It has been proved that our packing solution is perfectly suitable for restaurants, discount stores, convenient stores, distribution companies and more. With our machine, users can achieve air-tight and hygienic packaging without any leakage or smell. As the Hong Kong sole agent, we can provide you a better price and after-sales services such as maintenance and regular inspection.

Large Scale machine can provide factory size operation food packing machine at much larger scale, also with connection to the gas mixer (modified atmosphere) food packing can allow longer shelf life for packed food for transportation and retail shelf life. For different food packing such as vacuum packaging and skin packaging, HYPERVAC is always the best choice for you.

Hygiena provide ATP monitoring system and ATP testing related products in order to help our customer ensure a quick and simple way to track, trend, analyze, archive and report tests results over time for food safety issues.

Please feel free to call us 2543 0360 or email on

Unit 2, 11/F, Block B,
Po Yip Building,
62-70 Texaco Road, Tsuen Wan N.T.,
Hong Kong
Tel: 2543 0360
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